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The Stellar Hooklift is North America’s largest selling line of hydraulic hooklift hoists.  Stellar offers a number of different configurations of hooklifts to better match up with our customers’ trucks and applications.  Not only does Stellar have a full line of standard hooklifts, Stellar has designed and installed a large number of custom units to fit specific jobs.  With this level of experience, you will have a hard time finding any other hooklift manufacturer in the western hemisphere with this type of dedication to the product.  With the broadest array of sizes, the full range of Stellar Hooklift models has proven their use in a wide variety of applications.  From municipalities to roofers, lumber yards to waste disposal, the versatile Stellar hooklift can be found in most any application in locations around the world. Some key points best describing the versatility of the hooklift system are:

  • One truck can support numerous bodies, which cuts cost and maintenance
  • One truck operator can load and unload or change truck beds in less than a one minute cycle without leaving the cab of the truck
  • Patented dump/load interlock system
  • Rugged rear body tie-downs and large over-sized rear hinge pins to insure stability
  • Lowered maintenance
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