Product Pumps and Blowers for Trucks

Product Pumps and Blowers for Trucks

Fluid or liquid transfer, hauling or handling in today’s ever changing market demands a wide selection of product pumps or cargo pumps to meet the needs of all of your liquid or fluid transfer requirements.  Regardless of what product you are hauling:  oil & gas products; crude oil, fracking products, acid or other oilfield substances, we have a product pump to get the job done safely and efficiently. With the growing need of getting fluid moved safely, the need for reliable, productive pumps has increased. We understand the unique requirements from customers and have the experience and product to provide a solution for the fluid transfer process.

High Flow Pumps

In a time where high flow, durability and reliability are a must, the ‘V’ Gear Pump is the answer. These high flow pumps are designed with performance in mind.  They are a completely sealed pump and utilize bearings on all shaft ends.  They are the superior product available. This pump can handle a wide range of oil & gas substances from heavy crude to condensate and just about anything in-between.

  • Available in 6” and 7 1/4” sizes, as well as 90 degree configuration
  • Symmetrical V shaped gears offer increased flow rates, enhanced suction capability, and less turbulence (flow rates of up to 2700 liters per minute)
  • Caged roller bearings on all shaft ends
  • Tight tolerances and gear angle allow for unmatched suction capability
  • High quality components and design mean durability in even the most abrasive of applications

Gear Pumps (Bushing Pumps)

For decades, Roper has been providing rugged, simple, and cost effective gear pumps for the fluid haul industry.  They offer a wide range of options including porting, gear construction, shafts, motor mount kits, relief valves, seals and more. If you are looking for a reliable and tested gear pump, Roper may be the solution.  Available in sizes ranging from 2” to 4 ½”.

Vane Pumps

If you are looking to move fuel then the Blackmer sliding vane pumps are the product for you.  For years, the Blackmer TXD vane pumps have been the market leader for moving fuel reliably and safely.

  • The sliding vane self-adjusts to wear to maintain flow rates
  • Excellent priming capabilities
  • Easy to work on as vanes can be replaced with pump still mounted to the truck

At Commercial Truck Equipment Co., we have the ability to provide a solution regardless of the product you need to move.  Given our access to hydraulic components, we can provide  a standard hydraulic package or design a system around your particular needs.  With our product spread, we have the ability to get the job done.  In a market where production and reliability are key, we have a solution.

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