Commercial Truck Equipment Engineering Group

Professionally Certified and Accredited

Commercial Truck Equipment has attained and maintains an industry-leading portfolio of professional, government, and industry certifications and standards to provide customers with the safest vocational trucks in the country.

Transport Canada Certified
Canadian Welding Bureau Certified
COR Certified Branches

Commercial’s centralized, in-house engineering group consists of Professional Engineers and experienced designers who ensure our vehicles are safe and perform according to specifications.

The Engineering Group provides:

  • Pre-sales support to ensure what is quoted will meet the customer’s needs and operating environment
  • Technical packages including weight distribution, payload, stability, electrical, hydraulic and vehicle arrangements
  • Certification and compliance to Federal Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Provincial Commercial Transport Regulations, CSA, WCB and safety standards.
  • Review and rating of structural equipment, tie downs and fittings
  • After-sales technical support in conjunction with Commercial Truck Service Centers across Canada to greatly reduce down time
  • Provision and oversight of testing including non-destructive testing, stability testing, dielectric testing, and more

Commercial Truck Equipment complies with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and is certified by Transport Canada with the National Safety Mark, indicating all vehicles meet Canada’s stringent safety requirements.

Some Commercial branches are Partners in the Certificate of Recognition Program, having COR Certification by exceeding current legal requirements, implementing effective occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS), and passing certification audits to the standards set out by the Board.

Commercial is Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Certified, which assures that welding procedures comply with CSA standards for workmanship, procedures and personnel certification as verified through a CWB audit. Our quality procedures comply with Canadian Military and ISO standards.

Commercial Truck Equipment Co. is a member of good standing with the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.  AMVIC was incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act as a not-for-profit organization for the purpose of administering motor vehicle industry regulations as outlined in the Fair Trading Act.