Amco Veba Articulating Crane

Work Truck Cranes

Work Truck Cranes

Commercial Truck Equipment sells, supports, and builds trucks around the safest, most capable, and most reliable cranes available. An authorized dealer for Elliot, Amco Veba, Weldco, Liftmoore, and Terex, we build crane trucks to suit all manner of work truck lifting needs. Working with the advantage of an in-house engineering team, Commercial’s crane trucks are delivered ready to work with a National Safety Mark, Transport Canada certified. Whether an articulating crane for maneuverability, a stiff boom crane for additional lifting capacity, or a service crane for smaller jobs, Commercial Truck Equipment is the clear choice for a crane work truck.

Articulating Cranes

Powerful. Versatile. Compact.

Articulated truck cranes are used in the construction, oil & gas, marine, mining, transportation and forestry industries throughout Canada. Whether you’re placing wallboard or drywall into an elevated work site, loading product or material for marine applications, hotshotting replacement parts into the oilfield, or picking up equipment to be serviced from heavy industry, the versatility of Articulating cranes are unmatched. Paired with a deck, body, and/or toolboxes from Commercial, we build the industry’s most capable and reliable articulating crane work trucks.

Stiff Boom Cranes

Lift heavier, lift higher.  Stiff boom crane trucks are a popular choice for lifting and placing heavy equipment in the oil field support business and the construction industry.

We are proud to represent vendors that are the leaders in quality and cost effective operation. The Weldco Hydra-Lift product line is proudly built in Canada and offers numerous models ranging in size from 23 to 50 tons, with boom lengths of 60′ to 100′.  Terex is a global leader in construction equipment providing stiff boom cranes ranging in size from 10 tons to 35 tons, with boom lengths of 11′ to 82′. Elliott Equipment Company is a leading manufacturer of customizable truck mounted boom truck cranes ranging from 10 to 50 tons, with boom lengths and tip heights up to 207′.

Service Cranes

For highly mobile and stationary applications, service cranes are deployed for service trucks in construction, heavy equipment, mining, railroad, oil & gas, refuse, timber, propane, utility, municipalities, and stationary applications. Prevent lifting injuries and recover and deliver parts more quickly with truck-mounted service cranes from Liftmore and Maintainer.

With one of the industry’s most knowledgeABLE staff teams, an in-house engineering team, and specialists strategically placed across the country, Commercial Truck Equipment has the knowledge and people to solve any crane truck problem.

Get a hold of us today to discuss your needs across articulating, stiff boom, and service crane needs.