One Truck. On-Demand Adaptability. Endless Possibilities.

Hooklifts are an extremely effective solution for increasing the utility of a commercial work truck. A single hooklift-equipped vehicle can haul many different types of truck bodies or containers, and switch between them rapidly and safely. Options are almost endless: Tanker Bodies, Stud Walls, Mini Tubs, Flat Decks, Dump Bodies, Rock Boxes, Poly Boxes, Sealed Containers, Recycling Containers, and more.

The advantages of hooklift systems for commercial vehicles extend beyond mere convenience. Municipalities, in particular, find the flexibility invaluable. Whether addressing potholes, engaging in tree trimming, managing waste hauling, or tackling snow removal, the adaptable nature of hooklift-equipped vehicles allows municipalities and other work-truck customers to effortlessly meet diverse work truck needs that evolve with the changing seasons. This versatility not only streamlines operations but also maximizes the utility of their commercial fleets.