Refuse Collection Vehicles

Reliable performance and the most versatile product lineup of the top workhorses in the industry.

McNeilus refuse collection vehicles are the top workhorses in the industry. Customers can expect reliable performance and one of the most versatile product lines, with industry-leading features and options. Paired with Commercial’s nationwide branch network, and long history in the work-truck industry, we sell, service, and support class-leading refuse collection vehicles like no other dealer or manufacturer in the country.


Commercial Truck Equipment is an exclusive Canadian dealer for McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Refuse Collection Vehicles, including their complete lineup of Front Loaders, Side Loaders, Rear Loaders, and Split Bodies.

Rear Loaders
McNeilus Rear Loaders are packed with innovative features and options, such as a container tipper kick bar for commercial pickup and cart tippers for residential routes to make collection easier. Their rear loader design also requires less maintenance over the competition, with fewer lubrication points on the tailgate and self-lubricating slide shoes. The McNeilus Rear Loader line is the ultimate go-to in refuse vehicles, and are the most requested, productive, and dependable rear loaders for residential and light commercial routes.

Front Loaders
McNeilus front loaders are built to take care of business, whether it’s demanding commercial routes or dense residential neighborhoods. They offer many options in the front loader product line to meet what you need — from the heavy duty Atlantic Series Front Loader® to the lighter weight Meridian™ Front Loader. All front loader products offer a clean headframe that boosts serviceability and performance, and keeps hydraulic and electrical components better protected.

Side Loaders
McNeilus automated and manual side loaders exceed expectations when you need a truck that’s flexible enough to handle the demands and obstacles of almost any kind of residential route. They offer a range of vehicle options in the side loader product line to meet what you need — from Zero Radius™ and AutoReach® side loaders that offer effective, efficient collection with their unique arm designs, to the flexible Manual/Automated side loader that can be used simultaneously as an automated side loader, with an easy-to-operate arm, and a manual side loader for throwing in the “extras” often found along many residential routes. Other features of the side loader line include an advanced paint process that provides superior coverage and quality for a longer-lasting and more durable finish.

All McNeilus front and side loaders come standard with McNeilus-exclusive Excalibre™ packing cylinders that feature a patented tool steel shaver and nitrided rods, helping to resist wear and corrosion and drastically reducing hydraulic contamination.

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